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20 years working with Guatemalan communities

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FUNCEDESCRI is a Guatemalan non-profit dedicated to promoting community development and sustainable agriculture. FUNCEDESCRI empowers farming families by sharing organic farming techniques to promote healthy, productive, and diversified farms; improving access to local markets to increase family income; training community members as health, nutrition, and agricultural promoters; facilitating appropriate technology projects; and encouraging the creation of community councils to foster local organization. Currently, FUNCEDESCRI serves more than 2,500 families in 67 communities.

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FUNCEDESCRI partners with the Mayan farming communities in Campur, Cunén, and Nebaj. Our field staff is from the communities themselves and therefore can speak the local languages of K´ekchi´, Quiché, and Ixil, which facilitates learning and cultural understanding. We have collaborated with our partner communities for 20 years and constantly work to refine our strategies for responsible community engagement. Our work empowers farming families through the process of achieving food security and food sovereignty.


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